Plane – noun,

  • (Mathematics) An unbounded two-dimensional shape.


Two single 2d lines cross paths and in this crossing a three-dimensional transformation occurs giving way to multiple possibilities.

With simple word play, to plane adapts the mathematical context to its clothing while the main objectives remain; plain and simple fabrics, technical design, practical and functional clothing. These objectives result in modular pieces that not only transform the garments but also the wearer. “Plain” pieces remain, i.e. t-shirts and jumpers to give balance to collections.

As the fashion industry continues to grow along with other industries, we need to realise the planet isn’t growing with them. For this reason, each collection and all it’s pieces are designed and made in a small space by Smart Urhiofe, an artist and plant enthusiast. In some cases, a roll of fabric is bought for a garment and once used up no more will be bought- this not only keeps production very low but gives worth to every meter of fabric and the garments made. Only four pieces of coats and jackets are made per month, this again is to slow down production and to give realisation that the producer of these garments is in fact a human that needs food, water and rest, a realisation we haven’t been able to grab hold of.