Peek Pocket Jacket

The Peak Pocket Jacket is the primary element for the Secconds Coat. Without the bags attached it still makes a statement with its deep peeking pockets that almost extend the jacket, this creates shapes and adds clean lines to any look. Just like The Secconds Coat this is a one size garment and as it is unisex, the jacket can be worn double breasted for a fitted slim fit or expanded and worn single breasted with ease for a loose fit thanks to the practical bronze snap buttons. The reinforced welt pockets extend on the side to aid in attaching hooks to objects or even a curved handle umbrella.

The Peek Pocket Jacket does not include bottom bags like the Secconds Coat does, but the zips remain for the wearer to customize by adding a bag from the collection, whether black or flax the modular transformation will be effortless.

Just like the Secconds Coat, the Peak Pocket Jacket only comes in one standard size and is unisex, this means the bags/bottom halves are interchangeable with other colours so the style possibilities broaden.