Secconds Coat

The Seconds Coat is a modular four-way coat that transforms simply by unzipping either side of the bottom halves to use as bags. As both sides are removable, the wearer has the choice of wearing the whole coat, the jacket or removing either side as a feature. With both sides off they can be zipped together to form a single layered unit.

Each bag comes with a large sack space with brass snap enclosure and two small side pockets on the front end of the coat finished with strong polypropylene handles.

This is a versatile coat that allows the wearer to adjust to not only weather conditions, but also to any wardrobe without compromising on design and style. The Coat can be worn double breasted for a fitted slim fit or expanded and worn single breasted with ease for a loose fit thanks to the practical bronze snap buttons.

The Seconds Coat only comes in one standard size and is unisex, this means the bags/bottom halves are interchangeable with other colours so the style possibilities broaden.